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Past Life Regression – Past life regression uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to unlock memories that have been passed down to us from our previous lives. In spiritualism and other belief systems, it is believed that when we die we pass over in the form of a spirit and then return a number of times to the physical realm to learn new lessons. We can carry over trauma and certain traits that we have learnt in these past lives. The session starts by being hypnotised. Hypnosis is a safe practice and you will be aware of everything that is happening, but will be in a relaxed state. Hypnosis does not involve taking control of your mind, unearthing your secrets, and there have never been any recorded deaths due to hypnosis. It is also not stage hypnosis, so you won’t be walking around clucking like a chicken. Once in a hypnotic state we will then start to access you subconscious memories and you will describe the best you can what you see, hear, feel, and experience. I will attempt to regress you through 3 different lives, however, this can sometimes be difficult to some people so I am happy to offer a partial refund if the session doesn’t last as long as expected. A full session will last around an hour and half in total. Hypnosis requires you to enter with an open mind and be ready to open up to this experience. Please do contact me if you have any further questions.

Past Life Regression – Past Life Regression uses hypnosis to access the subconscious to unlock the mysteries of the lives we have previously lived. In spiritualism, and other belief systems, it is believed that after we have passed over our spirit will return to the physical realm a number of time as someone new in order to learn new life lessons. Past Life Regression attempts to access these previous lives to help us understand any traits or ailments that may have been passed over to us in the here and now. Hypnosis is painless, you will be awake and conscious but in a relaxed state, I cannot access your secrets, no one has ever died from hypnosis, and this is not stage hypnotism so you won’t be clucking like a chicken. Sessions last around an hour and half and I will attempt to regress you through three previous lives. Some people do struggle to be regressed more than once, in which case I am happy to give a partial refund.* In order for Past Life regression to be successful you need to arrive with an open mind and without any expectations.

Spirit/Entity/Curse Removal – If you believe that you may have been cursed or have some form of attachment, I am able to attempt to remove this for you. Removal is not guaranteed, however, by using a combination or witchcraft, psychic medium contact, and energy healing, I am confident I will be able to lessen the affects if not remove the energy completely. The session will start by having a chat about what you are experiencing and any emotions and feelings attached to this. This will help me to identify what type of energy we are dealing with. I will ask you about your mental health. This is not because I believe you are making anything up, but negative energy does attach and feed off us when our mental health is poor. I will not diagnose, but will advise you to seek some additional medical help or talking therapies if this is the case as this will help you in the long term in all aspects of your life. I will then attempt to make contact with the energy to identify why it has attached to you. I then move on to the remove, cleanse, protect model that I have created. Please note that this will involve smudging with sage and palo santo wood, so let me know if you have any allergies. A session will normally last around 45 minutes to an hour. Please do contact me to discuss your case in more detail.

House Cleansings – If you feel that your property is being plagued by a spirit or entity then I can certainly help. I have cleared a number of properties now with great success. I will come to your property and listen carefully to activity that you have been experiencing. I will then attempt to communicate and identify what type of energy is present. I will then attempt to remove the energy with the help of my spirit guide, reiki energy, light work, and spells. I will then cleanse your house with sage and palo santo wood (please make sure all rooms are accessible, if possible, including any lofts and cellars). I will end the session by grounding, cleansing, and protecting the residents. I cannot guarantee a removal but have done this successfully a number of times. Sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour. Please do contact me to discuss your case or for more details.

Not so small print – Urban Warlock Healing is insured to offer all of the stated services. Alternative therapies are not a replacement for medical advice or treatment from a medical professional. Alternative therapists do not offer medical advice or diagnosis and cannot offer a cure. You should always seek medical advice before seeking alternative therapies. All divination services stated should be viewed as for entertainment purposes only. For séances and paranormal events activity cannot be guaranteed. Spirit/Entity/Curse removal and House Cleansings cannot be guaranteed and are not an exorcism. Payments need to be made in full at point of booking. Any cancellations within a 48 hour period will result in a 50% cancellation fee. Please be aware that you are paying for a specified time slot and failure to arrive on time does not guarantee you will receive a full session (for example, if you book an hour session at 19:00 and arrive at 19:15, the session will still end at 20:00). No refund is given for failed to attend appointments.

*A Past Life Regression session currently cost £65. In the event that you cannot be regressed or can only be regressed once you will receive a £20 refund. If you are regressed twice or three times the full fee will apply.

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