Spooky Season Approaches!

Greetings all!

It’s been a while since my last blog so I wanted to give a quick update of what I’ve up to.

Over the past month or so I’ve been heavily involved in offering readings at Mind Body and Spirit Events large and small, and these have been a real success. To date I have done the Retail and Recharge Event here in Staveley Chesterfield, organised by Kirsty Celik. 4 events run by the wonderful team at M&B Event Solutions. And the massive weekend Mind Body Soul Wellbeing and Yoga Manchester event by White Light Events. These events have all varied in size and footfall, but I have had the pleasure of working with lots of lovely new clients and meeting many other brilliant healers, readers, and retailers. For the remainder of the year I will doing more events with M&B and Retail and Recharge, as well as new events with JueLou Events, Away with the Faeries, and Deer Spirit Events. Please see my Facebook page for more details.

As well as events I have been doing some more party events. These are going down a storm and many people have really enjoyed the seances and the option of either psychic medium readings or tarot. I still have some availability around Halloween if you would like to book me for a party with a difference.

Finally, I’ve decided to venture out into the paranormal field. After many years enjoying various ghost hunting shows on TV I decided that this would be an interesting field to explore. I have teamed up with Night Hawk Paranormal UK for some upcoming events and can’t wait to get started. My first event will be at Derby Gaol on Sunday the 30th of October and will include Richard Felix, as seen on Most Haunted. I’m afraid this event has sold out, however, Night Hawk have opened up a wait list and are looking into doing another event there soon.

As you can see I’ve been rather busy and this all helps with my aim to take my services full time and be able to offer more appointments.

Thank you for reading my update. Please do follow me on Facebook for up to date messages and news. Until next time, Blessed be!


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