On our way to Winter

Greetings all. I hope everyone is safe and had a great Halloween or Samhain.

It’s been a busy few weeks and months for me. News of my new reading and therapy room has started to circulate and I’ve been busy with phone and in-person readings. I got to celebrate Samhain with my fiancé with a delicious home made dinner. I had the privilege of visiting the Mind, Body and Spirit show at the Chesterfield FC Technique Stadium, and had a reading with a very experienced Psychic Medium Rick Paul.

This has really spurred me on to push myself further and aim to venture out next year into fairs to offer my services. As such I’ve already purchased myself a portable card reader and finally got round to ordering some business cards. Next up will be some roller banners and a branded tablecloth. Keep posted for event dates for next year.

I also wanted to do more to start interacting more with you as the reader. As such I have decided that, where possible, each week I will be posting a short generalised reading for everyone on my Facebook book page. My first one is posted now and I have used the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards for this reading.

Looking forward to the latter part of the year, I still have availability for readings and treatments leading up to Christmas, but please book early to avoid disappointment. I am also offering readings and treatments in the form of gifts if you wanted to give something different as a Winter Solstice or Christmas gift.

Until next time, stay safe and blessed be 🙏


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